Oral exam
An oral exam offers the best possibilities for preventing plagiarism, that is if the examiner knows students’ faces well from the course. But not all ILOs can be assessed at an oral exam. An oral exam can be carried out using either Adobe Connect or Skype. The Student Affairs and Programmes department has a set of regulations for video conference exam.

Hand-in followed by oral exam
This form allows for assessing a variety of intended learning outcomes.

Hand-in exam
This exam form can work well online as a kind of take-home exam with a time limit. It can take place using learnIT as platform for written assignments (distribution and submission). This exam form calls for the need of random/or specific checks for plagiarism. The assessment tasks must be constructed in such a way that it is possible for the examiner to assess whether an assignment was indeed written by the student of if the response might be copied from the internet. In addition to this, time can be used as a constraint which makes it difficult for students to ask for help in their network. Offering just enough time to submit one assignment before the next one occurs, is one way that in our experience can work well. Read a case of exam as a 4 hours online hand-in exam here.

Support on choice of exam form
You are welcome to contact Learning Unit regarding choice of exam form for online courses on learning@itu.dk