A case: 4 hour online hand-in exam
In this case we assume that the exam is taking place in a distributed but synchronous form using the learning platform as basis for a hand-in exam with 4 hours between publishing of the assignment and the hand-in. Online exams can also be held as video conference exams. Read more about the practical guidelines for this in the Exam wiki - Video conference exam.(AFVENTER at SAP offentliggør exam wiki).

Information to students about exam flow and prerequisites.
Well in advance of the exam students should be made aware of the exam flow and prerequisites (perhaps a couple of months before). In this appendix you can see an inspirational example of such a guideline.

Technical considerations
  • Notify students that they need to refresh the page once in a while to see new shared/added content to the LearnIT front page.
  • Create chat forum. The chat forum is the live channel between examiner and students. Very valuable! Log chat.
  • Students encountering problems could send assignment in an e-mail to examiner.
  • Whenever a student doesn’t submit assignments on time the examiner should notify students via e-mail to double-check. It might be server problems!
  • How to give external examiner access to the assignments (if written)

Legal considerations
As the exam is online the way of checking that only students who have signed up for the exam are participating is the double check with the exam office that the exam-protocol is correct. Students who are not on that list should be expelled from learnIT (if you are using learnIT submission platform).

Log exam (students logged in = exam protocol, logging chat, logging hand-ins)
It is extremely important to have prepared a system for registering and documenting things that might go wrong during the exam. Always when technology is involved things can go wrong and students can demand that any consequences of break down only falls on them if it can be proven that failure was on their part. So not only should you explicitly ask students to register (like screen dumps or other) technical break downs but you should also prepare a log file for logged in profiles (in Skype/Adobe Connect), for the chat (if there) and for logging hand-ins. Compare logged in users with exam protocol.