LearnIT is build on the open-source system, Moodle.

Moodle is an open-source VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Why was Moodle chosen?

We have chosen Moodle as the open source format suits gives us better control of the functionalities of the system. It includes a large number of features, but new plugins are constantly being developed across the world connected through a huge Moodle community.

Moodle is based on a social constructivist learning pedagogy, which sees learning is an active, contextualized process of constructing knowledge rather than acquiring it.

Will LearnIT replace the course blogs?

Yes, eventually LearnIT will replace the current use of course blogs. We hope to to launch LearnIT for all courses in F2014.

The current installation of the course blogs here at ITU was all along considered to be a temporary solution and an alternative to constructing homepages in HTML. As time has passed this particular WordPress installation has been patched up so many times that it's no longer possible to upgrade it. Furthermore, the course blogs are public, which not everyone approves.

Why use LearnIT?

LearnIT meets many long sought-after requirements by teachers and students. A closed system with the possibility of submitting mandatory assignments digitally were on the top of this list. If you are connected to ITU, you will be able to log on via WAYF and your ITU username and password.

For the netbased and complete online courses, LearnIT provides an essential platform on which to communicate and collaborate with teachers and fellow students.

Where can I learn to use LearnIT?

We've made a LearnIT manual, which will be updated continously. You can find it here.