To create groups go to: Settings > Course administration > Users > Groups
Picture 3 shows the page that will be displayed. To create groups, press Create group button. You will be directed to a page called General (see picture 4).
Creating Groups 1b.PNG
Picture 3

In General (Picture 4) you have to give the group a name and then click Save changes. You now have one group and will be directed again to the page you came from, called Group Course Groups (see picture 3). There you can both manually add users to the group, and remove them (see button in second column in picture 3), and if needed, delete groups (second button in first column in picture 3). There is also the option of automatically creating groups. To find a description on how to create groups automatically, scroll down to "Auto-create groups".
Creating Groups 2b.PNG
Picture 4

Auto-create groups

It is possible to automatically create groups by selecting Auto-create groups underneath Create group button in picture 4. This will save a lot of work when creating groups compared to manually create every group, and then select each member of a group. If this option is selected, you will be directed to a page called Auto-create groups (see picture 5), where you have to fill in how many members you want each group to have ("Group/member count" option in picture 5). You also need to decide which naming scheme the groups should have, should they be by numbers (Group 1, Group 2, etc.) or by letters (Group A, Group B, etc.), see "Naming scheme" option in picture 5..

Creating Groups 3.PNG
Picture 5

By default, the users are randomly selected to the groups. However, by clicking "Show advanced" button (top right corner), the option of allocating user differently, such as alphabetically, is available.

It also saves a lot of work by selecting members from a role (see first option in picture 5). Since most groups are usually made up of students, and not teachers or teaching assistents, it is recommended to select "Students" in "Select members from role". If this is done, teachers or teaching assistents will not be added to the automatically created groups, and you therefore, avoid the trouble of removing them from a group, they should not be in.

If for some reason, students need to be removed from a group, it is always possible to do so, by going to the main Group page (Settings > Users > Groups) and press the Add/remove users button in the second column.

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