Google Apps Groups


It is possible to create and be a member of groups in Google Apps at ITU. Groups provide an easy way to share Google Apps content with multiply ITU users such as Google Docs or Google Calendar.

Managing Groups

Go to log in with you ITU mail and password. This service provides a way for ITU users to view and manage their groups. The groups can either be user-made or they can be standard groups provided by ITU.

The screen dump bellow shows where you can click to either
  1. Create a group.
  2. View groups.


Sending a Mail to all Group Members

When a group is created the creator is asked to select an unique ITU email address for the group. Initially these group emails serve no purpose and emails sent to them will not be delivered. There are 2 ways of broadcasting messages to all group members:

  1. It is possible to create a seperate ITU mailing list with the same email address to achieve this functionality. To do so contact the IT department at Please note that memberships will have to be synchronized between the mailing list and the group manually.
  2. Topics are sent to all group members. When viewing a group at it is possible to create new topics and to reply on existing topics. All new posts will be sent to all members.

Sharing Google Apps Content with a Group

Many Google Apps allow content to be shared with other users and groups. In general if it is possible to share content with another user it is also possible to share content with a group by adding the group email in the same place you would add another users email. The images bellow shows how documents in Google Docs and calendars in Google Calendar are shared with groups.