Google Apps Manual

This page contains a small manual for users and admins using Google Apps at ITU.

The ITU google apps domain can be accessed here:

Google Apps is a collection of web services known as apps offered by ITU to students, staff and faculty, and they are all provided by Google. The apps are similar to standard Google web services, except that login is done using ITU credentials instead of using a Google account. This means that users do not need to create a Google account to use the apps offered by ITU. The user will insead log in using the given ITU username and password.

Many of the standard Google web services are available to use as apps under the ITU Google Apps domain. The apps available include Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Picasa and more. The most noticable exception is Gmail. Gmail is not offered by ITU under the ITU Google Apps domain. Users are adviced to use the ITU webmail instead.