Google Apps WAYF Authentication

Google Apps at ITU is meant to be authenticated through WAYF ( A SAML module has been developed by Headnet ( and lies on a server in the IT department. The module supposedly logs users in through WAYF and creates them in Google if they do not exist already, but the module is currently disabled at the time of writing. The IT Department is in charge of the communication with Headnet and Headnet needs a admin user to test if the module works on our Google Apps domain (they have tested and confirmed it on their own domain).

To enable WAYF with google Apps these steps must be completed:

1. Give Headnet admin access so the can test the module.
2. Connect the module as an SP to WAYF with metadata (
3. Enable SAML SSO in Google Apps.

Google has a guide on SAML authentication here:

To enable SAML SSO in Google Apps go here: