Groups are used to divide students into groups. This might be useful for courses with a large number of students, or if the students are working in groups.

Groups are located at: Settings > Course administration > Users > Groups

To work with groups, you first have to create one. Go to Creating Groups to find a step by step guide on creating groups.

Once you have your groups, you need to choose which group mode to work with.

There are three group modes:
  • No Group
  • Separate Groups
  • Visible Groups

No group mode is the default mode. If no groups have been created in the course than the course is set to No Group mode.

If the separate group mode is selected, then groups can only see their own group, other groups are invisible.

If the group mode is set to visible, then groups can see other groups.

To select one of the group modes go to: Settings > Course Administration > Edit setting
Once inside Edit setting, go to Groups and select the group mode (see picture 1).

Groups and groupings3.PNG
Picture 1


If you want to customize groups depending on the kind of activity, such as assigning different assignments to different groups, you need to assign an activity to a grouping. To do that, a group has to be created first, which then has to be assigned to a grouping, as depicted in the picture below (picture 2). For more information on groupings and how to create them, go to Groupings.
Groups and groupings2.PNG
Picture 2
There is however one activity, Forum, that can be made visible to just one group. That means, that each group has its own forum, where the members of the group can communicate, without the members of other groups being able to see their communication. A teacher can also post a message in a forum that only one group can see. When creating a forum, you need to go to "Common module Settings" (see picture 3) and select "Separate groups" in "Group mode" (if Group mode has not already been set in "Edit settings" when the course was created).
Picture 3

But to post a message only to one group, you have to select the forum, and once there (see picture 4), choose the group from the Separate groups drop-down menu at the top left corner of the page, before clicking "Add a discussion topic".
Picture 4


It is possible to view all the groups in the course (see picture 5). The groups overview page provides a table listing groups, group members and a user count. To find the Group Course Overview go to
Picture 5