LUVIT for Students

Introducing Luvit

This section is primarily for students and users of LUVIT. If you're completely new to LUVIT and net-based courses, please take a quick look at the 2 following introduction videos. All videos are in Danish with English subtitles. To go directly to manuals at the bottom of the page, please click on the table of contents to right.

NB: Luvit has changed the graphic user interface! The functionalities remain the same.
Introduction to net-based learningexternal image newwindow.png
(Video: 2 min 06 sec)
The video gives a short introduction to the basic idea
behind net-based education at the ITU.
Net-based courses offer blended learning that combines
face-to-face seminars with ITC-mediated collaborative
work. This way of attending courses requires a special
effort from both teachers and students.
What is Luvit?external image newwindow.png
(Video: 1 min 23 sec)
A short introduction to LUVIT - the current LMS
(Learning Management System) used for net-based
courses at ITU.
An LMS is a web-based learning environment used for
supporting teaching and learning activities in the courses.

Functions in Luvit

The following tutorials demonstrate the most widely used features in LUVIT.

Common Features in LUVIT
How to log on to Luvitexternal image newwindow.png
This is how you log in to LUVIT.
Log in with your username (your e-mail address) and the password
provided and sent to you by mail.
Guest loginexternal image newwindow.png
User name: guest Password: guest
Using this login gives you access to the Sandbox. Feel free to play around!
Change Passwordexternal image newwindow.png
Change the password assigned to you by the LUVIT administrator.
Personal presentationexternal image newwindow.png
Let your peers know who you are and what your interests are by
making a personal presentation in LUVIT.
Download and Opload
Opload fileexternal image newwindow.png
How to upload files (word, pdf, jpeg, etc.) to LUVIT.
Publicer linkexternal image newwindow.png
How to publish a link or an HTML file.
Communication and Debate
Chatexternal image newwindow.png
How to use the chat-function
Use the online chat to communicate one-on-one with group members or your teacher/TA.
Forumexternal image newwindow.png
How to use and create a forum.
A forum is an online discussion board created for the entire course and/or for a specific group.
Messagesexternal image newwindow.png
Create and receive messages in Luvit.
News and blog posts
News Boardsexternal image newwindow.png
Make sure you're updated with portal and course news updates from
LUVIT administrator and course teacher or TA.
Subscribe to RSS feedsexternal image newwindow.png
Subscribe to course feeds that keep you up-dated on news, blog posts,
messages, recently uploaded files and events in the calendar.
Recommendations for additional web 2.0 services
File share
Collaborative software
Google Docs
Skype (VoIP)

Luvit Manuals

Luvit mini-manual E2009.pdf
Written by Jane Andersen (ITU), 2009.
Written by Jane Andersen (ITU), 2009
Written by Jane Andersen (ITU), 2009.
Manuals from the supplier - Grade
Manuals from the supplier - Grade
Manuals from the supplier - Grade