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Discussion forum

A discussion board is an asynchronous communication tool that allows one individual to post a comment or question online. Other individuals who are members of the same discussion board may read that comment/question, and respond with their own remarks over time.

Discussion Board Terminology
If one individual posts a question, and three others post answers to that question, these four "posts" comprise what is known as a "thread" of conversation. The phrase, "threaded disucssion board" is common, referring to threads of conversation, each focused on a particular topic (e.g., "How do I fix a running toilet?"). The sample below illustrates two threads of discussion in the CourseInfo discussion board. The first thread was started by Peggy Baxter, with one response by Ronald Simmons. The second thread is a different topic. It was started by Dorothy Beal with two responses.
Discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards, and message boards typically refer to the same type of system. Discussion boards should not be confused with live chats, however. Live chats provide for synchronous communication (all at the same time), whereas discussion boards provide for asynchronous communication (discussion over time).


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