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Welcome to learnIT (version 2.6). If you are already enrolled on a learnIT course, you’ll find it listed at the ‘My Courses’ page once you log in. If you are a teacher or know of a course that allows guest access, please log in and navigate via the ‘All Courses’ link.

learnIT is the e-learning environment used at the IT University of Copenhagen that was first introduced to the University during 2012-13. If you need help, in the first instance, you should either contact the IT Helpdesk, whose details may be found below, or visit the LearnIT Help Support Pages.

LearnIT Support

If you have any queries on how to use learnIT for your courses, projects or theses, please consult our training materials and documentation which are available online and can be found on the LearnIT Help Support Pages.

Any staff or faculty experiencing technical difficulties or login issues with learnIT should contact the IT helpdesk at it@itu.dk.
For pedagogical advice on how to use learnIT effectively, please contact an e-learning consultant from Learning Unit at learning@itu.dk.

Most learnIT administration (e.g. creation of courses and adding staff/students to courses) will be done automatically, for more information see Integration with other ITU systems' below.

Within the IT University of Copenhagen we provide staff training courses and workshops on the use of learnIT, as well as Documentation for teachers unable to attend our training and Documentation for students who need help using the system.

Integration with other ITU systems

LearnIT uses the Course Base to handle student enrolments on courses, so it is important that student information in the Course Base is correct. If students are unable to see learnIT courses that have been made available, please ask them to check their Course Base enrolment.

learnIT uses courses teacher information from the course Base to handle staff enrolments. It is essential that this too is kept as up to date as possible.

learnIT uses the Course Base to provide descriptions within learnIT for each course, course titles, and course codes. If any of this information is incorrect within learnIT please do not change it within learnIT. Any changes made within the Course Base will propogate back into learnIT within 48 hours, and changes preserved for following years.

If you have any further enquiries about this, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


Rollover is the process of importing content from one learnIT course to another, and can be easily done by the teacher of a course within learnIT.

During the summer, new blank learnIT courses are created for the new semester, for all courses. Teachers correctly defined in the Course Base will have access to these from within learnIT. Inside these blank courses there will be a very simple interface provided to staff to pull-in content from any other course they have access to (e.g. the previous semester's/year's course).

For instructions on how to use the rollover tool, please see the specific how-to guide on the learnIT manual page.

If you can not see your course in learnIT, please ensure that you are correctly identified in the Course Base, then contact the IT Helpdesk for help.