Lynda Tutorials

This manual is for the TEACHER, who would like to get access to online training tutorials for Dreamweaver CS4, Flash CS4, Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4 or 3D Studiemax.

Changes to the previous procedure
A few changes have been made to the previous procedure:
  • Lynda courses will now be available through their own website and not the ILU wiki.
  • Teachers will be solely responsible for setting up their course on, selecting 5 Lynda tutorials and give students access to the courses.
  • Students will pay an amount of 10$ pr. month for the duration of the access (decided by the teacher) instead of (or equivalent to) a textbook.

The NEW procedure - Online Training Library Academic Program
With the new program from you can freely choose and select 5 software titles to be available for your students, e.g. Illustrator CS5 Essential Training or Illustrator CS5 New Features, etc.

How to
What you have to do is set up your course (e.g. Basic Graphic Design) in after registering. Then you select up to 5 tutorials, enroll your students to the course and you’re ready to go!

Here is how:
  1. Go to the following link:
    1. Create your account by completing the registration form and send in your proof of educator status to the email address/fax number shown at the bottom of the page.
  2. With the educator login information you just created, log in to
    1. Note: If you would like to get a weeks free trial to all courses, please write to the support section.
  3. If you are not taken to your educator's account right away, look for the "Educator Account" pod on the left hand side of the welcome page. Expand it by clicking on the "+" sign if necessary.
  4. Click on the link named "Create a class".
  5. Name your class and specify its' start and end dates. These are the dates the selected titles will be made available to your students.
    1. Note: If you set your course to last 2 month, students will have to pay the amount of 20$. The longer the course, the more expensive for the students in the end. Consider therefore, for how long your students need access to complete the course. Another tip could be to to let the course start after the course swap period, e.g. after the first 2 weeks of the course in order to have a more clear picture of who’s attending the course.
  6. Choose your titles.
  7. Specify whether the students will pay themselves or if the school will pay.
  8. Send the registration invitation to your students by placing a check mark next to their names and clicking "send email". This step is very important as the email will contain a specific link where the student must go to register along with the code for the class you have created.
    1. Note: Students who don’t sign up for this course, do not have to pay! Once you as a student have signed up, you will have to pay.
  9. Once your first student registers you will have free access to the 5 titles you have selected.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure contact us at or’s support directly.

Interaction & Learning Unit, June 2010.