Quick Start

How to log on to learnIT if you have an ITU acount

1) Go to the learnIT login page: https://learnit.itu.dk and log in in the top right corner.
2) From here you will be asked to log in via the ITU Single Signon page. Log in with your ITU username and password (ex: username: andy, password: Warhol34) and press Login.
3) If this is the first time you log on you will be re-directed to the WAYF consent page. Click the box that says*"Husk samtykke" (Eng: Remember consent) and click next on "Ja, jeg acceptere" (Eng: Yes, I accept)*.
4) Continue to the LearnIT front page https://learnit.itu.dk.
Important: You are not automatically affiliated with any courses yet and will therefore have to write to ilu@itu.dk to let the administrator know, which course you need to enroll.
5) Once you have been enrolled to a course you can click on a course to Enter.
For questions, please write to ilu@itu.dk